ad-hoc committee on transition

Ad-Hoc Committee on Transition

Seeking to discern Christ’s will for Denver Baptist so we can more fully glorify God by making disciples that advance the Gospel.

Meet the Ad-Hoc Committee Members

These brothers in Christ have prayerfully agreed to serve on the Ad-Hoc Committee on Transition.

Bill Axline

Gary Cornelius

Wes Dellinger


Paul Hubacher


Patrick Lowman

Josh Quinn

Tom Robertson

Larry Deaton


Frequently Asked Questions

Transition is the process of changing from one condition or state to another. In the context of this committee’s work, this is in accordance with our Charter (see link above) in addressing the primary issues from Dr. Ewart’s assessment of Denver Baptist Church.

The Denver Baptist Church Council (Pastoral Staff, Committee Chairs, and DBC Officers) decided to utilize a special, Ad-Hoc Committee that was solely dedicated and focused on addressing the key issues identified in Dr. Ewart’s church assessment. This special Ad-Hoc Committee was tasked to study and develop biblical-based recommendations for each of the key issues from the subject church assessment. The formation of this committee was in accordance with current DBC bylaws and would be temporary.

The Ad-Hoc Committee will work with the Pastors and the appropriate Standing Church Committee(s) to review its recommendations. The recommendations will be presented to the Church Body for approval in regularly scheduled or special called business meetings as outlined by the DBC bylaws.

Church governance is the organizational structure and hierarchy of the church that guides its leadership, decision making, stewardship, and role and responsibilities. In some cases, the word “polity” is used, but it tends more to organizational structure. The ultimate authority of Denver Baptist Church is the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the Bible.