We are excited about the upcoming year at Denver Baptist Preschool. If this is your first time joining us we welcome you and invite you to read the frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions please contact us at: 704.489.6900 or email

Yes pack a lunch, nothing that has to be refrigerated. Lunch items should be easy for the child to eat, and by that we mean, be very mindful of choking hazards, grapes should be halved, hot dogs should be cut into small pieces. Lunchables, in particular (though a child requested favorite) can be choking hazards: meats and cheeses need to be quartered. We will stress nutrition, so proteins and fruit before sweet treats/candy.

Doors open at 8:55am. The doors are locked by 9:15 to a.m. entry.

Pick up is at the designated door for child’s class. Infants parents come inside to pickup. Children are ready for pick-up at 12:55 and should be picked up by 1:10 at the latest.

Please provide a full size book bag which will need to have a season-appropriate complete change of clothes, shoes and socks included. Remember for little girls, if you pack a dress to include shorts to wear underneath. Homework and/or projects and completed work will come home once a week in your child’s folder.